Virtual Reality (VR) solutions

We create virtual reality real estate solutions. Unique content creation for exterior and interior experiences.

Photos and video have played a key role in real estate marketing, but thanks to fast advances in technology, there is a possibility to view properties bigger than in two dimensions.

The whole VR experience is interactive, which allows the user to choose between multiple options in real time (materials, furnishing, lightning, color etc).

The price between virtual experience solution and usual visualisation solution is not big, considering the quality benefits voming with it. It is more interactive and immersive, has more options and higher quality.

Because virtual reality simulations and games are more interactive, real and exiciting they are also more memorable. Thanks to that there are more and more people interested in it.

Virtual reality creates a possibility to experience and sell a property that is still under construction. It gives a better understanding and an overviwe of the property before it is even ready. Develpers can use virtual reality real time options to custimize colour palettes, materials, furnishings and lighting to help their clients personalize and visualize the unbuilt spaces.

Experience rooms, size and possibilities, before the construction begins.